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Eva is partnering with forward-thinking kiwi businesses to lead the change for the future of transportation.
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Introduction: What is Eva

Introducing, Eva, the free car charging network for New Zealand. We are on a mission to improve the electric charging network across the country and help it reach sustainability goal target of 5 percent below our 1990 greenhouse gas emissions levels by 2020.

Our plan is simple, we want more and more people to adopt electric vehicles and to do so, we are installing our chargers around the country, partnering with forward-thinking kiwi businesses.


The current number of pure electric cars in New Zealand, growing exponentially.


Percent increase in electric vehicles less than five years starting 2013.


More than 90 percent of all passenger vehicles will be electric by 2040.


Of EV's are owned by individuals, who are your potential customers.

The Why Of It

Why do you need Eva?

It's the future,
be part of it.

More than 90 percent of all passenger vehicles will be pure electric by 2040.

Contribute to

Transport in New Zealand produces 45% of all energy emissions. Let's clean it up.

Boost customer

Electric car owners are a growing segment. Entice them with a free charger.

Enhance brand

Be a forward thinking brand, build on sustainability and environmental awareness.

Provide essential

Charger installation is an investment worth making to deliver better amenities to your customers.

Put your business
on the map.

Add your business to special maps that electric car drivers utilise to plug in and charge.

Retail Centers
Eva chargers are free for high traffic retail centers

Get a free Eva charger

  • Step 01

    Sign up for site partnership with Eva

    Just fill up the form, give us your site address. Our technical team will then initiate the installation sequence, which involves infrastructure and site survey.

  • Step 02

    We'll install and maintain for free

    Yes, you heard it right. You don't need to invest thousands of dollars upfront or go through the pain of maintaining the equipment. Just partner with us.

  • Step 03

    Free charging for your customers

    Your customers pay zero cost for charging while they are shopping at your retail center. This means you entice more customers to your business.

Partner with Eva

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