EV charging for hospitality


No major upfront costs,
Simply monthly

"More than 90 percent of all passenger vehicles will be electric by 2040"

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Hospitality Plan
  • NZ $300
    /month for 12 months
  • No monthly fees after 12 months
  • Free charger and installation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Access and billing management
  • Real time monitoring
  • Integrated to Eva network
  • Listed on charging maps
  • Revenue sharing
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Get your business on
the map

Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to be the new norm. In fact the International Energy Association expects up to 30% of all light vehicle fleets will be fully electric by 2030.

EVs that run on clean electricity (which NZ has plenty of) have almost zero carbon emissions, so you can expect to see more of them as rental and corporate fleets swap to lower carbon alternatives.

EVs need places to plug-in and recharge. This creates a great opportunity for tourism and hospitality businesses to offer EV charging facilities as an incentive to stay.

We put your business on the maps that the electric car drivers use, which means your business gets more business.

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