Meet the Eva team

Meet the founders

Zed Anwar

Zed is responsible for building the technology that powers Eva, from hardware to software.Passionate about technology, he lives with the goal to build solutions which hold the key to fundamentally reshape the world around us. He has experience in building startups and his recent experience involves working for a global UN agency supporting humanitarian causes by application of technology.

Largely self-taught, he holds qualifications and experience in machine learning and data science and has a formal qualification in business management as well.

Jonny Parker

Jonny has spent over 10 years working within the energy and sustainability industry. His multitude of roles across residential and commercial energy efficiency gives him a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to delivering projects.

Jonny is next level geek. He’s passionate about electric vehicles, eco home builds and heating. He’s the kind of guy who has a permanent energy monitor in his house and knows exactly what his base load should be (250 watts if you wanted to know!).

Hattaf Ansari

Hattaf is Eva's numbers guy responsible for financial modelling and all things related to that. He has both worked and helped several startups and his passion lies in building financially sustainable and globally scalable business.

Hattaf has previously worked in the private equity industry in Dubai and recently at the NZVIF and e-center, Massey University. He has experience with software and advertising sectors and years of experience in investment management. Hattaf has a postgraduate degree in Banking & Finance from Massey University.

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